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Grace For Israel speaks to churches, community groups, and individuals to educate them from the Scriptures about God’s unique relationship with a group of people that God named Israel.  Rich truths from the past tucked away on Holy pages tell a one of a kind story that so many within the Church have missed.  It is through this story that not only can we rediscover what has happened, and what will happen to Israel, but we will also  learn about how our future is wrapped up in Israel’s future.


Become Supporters

Grace For Israel raises support for Israel so that this message can also spread back to the place from which the original Good News sprang.  Through the planting of new congregations, the strengthening of present congregations, and humanitarian aid to many in Israel, we believe the Good News can once again be spread in Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria.   We believe this to be the calling of our Master and we work to spread His Grace once again to His people.


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